"…it is a light comedy with a rare combination of heart and brains."
- Mark Shilling, Japan Times
"Happy Family Plan Director Abe Tsutomu’s film is of some modest ethnographic interest, to the extent that it provides a window onto the workings of contemporary Japanese family… The story is conventional, but nicely executed."
- David Theis, Houston Press (Movies)
“Shiawase Kazoku Keikaku is the title of a popular Japanese game show in which the contestant -- always the father of a family -- is given a fiendishly difficult assignment -- memorize every bullet train stop in the country for example -- to be completed in a week's time before a nation-wide television audience. Succeed, and the contestant's whole family gets riches; fail, and he gets nothing.
Former assistant director to Yoji Yamada, Tsutomu Abe spins this light-hearted comedy based on this wacky program…”
-Jonathan Crow, Rovi, the New York Times

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